Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Vessel and Tank cleaning is done at industrial facilities for the purpose of preventative maintenance, decommissioning, renovating, inspecting and other projects whereby the facility needs to remove unproductive wastes. IHS specializes in a wide variety of safe methods to clean even the most difficult tanks, vessels and bullets which contain or may have the potential to contain certain atmospheric or dangerous hazards such as, but not limited to: acids, caustics, chemicals, dusts, gasses, engulfment hazards, vapors, or any other unforeseen hazards. We are equipped to handle a broad array of industrial vessels and tanks as small as 1,000 gallon oil tanks to large multi-million barrel tanks.

Non-Man-Entry Tank Cleaning

We have developed a safe, time-efficient and cost-effective process to clean tanks, vessels and bullets without workers having to enter into the hazardous confined space area. We use a couple of different high-end technologies to remove coke, baked polymers, lime, rust, sludge and many other difficult deposits from various process vessels and tanks. Our 2-D and 3-D waterblast systems use high pressure waterjets on revolving heads that blast water, various soaps and cutters from 2-22k psi. The jet and head rotate vertically and horizontally to ensure a 360 degree of industrial high pressure cleaning. These two waterblast systems can fit through small openings. We also utilize Westates Remote Manway Cannon Systems. These vapor tight tank cleaning cannons produce an industrial high pressure blast of continuous water and various soaps and cutters. The cannons are remotely operated and hydraulically powered. Manipulating the manual joy sticks control the 355 degree horizontal rotation, and 0-170 vertical lift (The rotation of the sideman way cannon is 0-190 horizontal and 0-170 vertical). These cannons include a high-definition camera and high-intensity lighting system. The light will illuminate the work area inside a storage tank in total darkness. The operator can view the cannons movement and point of impact with the sludge on the 26 inch monitor located inside the enclosed trailer control room. This technology makes it possible to look at the tank and measure the contents before, during and after the cleaning.

Limited-Man-Entry Tank Cleaning

For the tanks, vessels and bullets that may require man-entry, IHS uses a process that limits the man-entry to the final phase. During the entry-phase IHS will enter and clean quickly and safely. The method of cleaning will depend on the job scope and the client’s needs. IHS is properly trained and certified to enter and work in hazardous confined space areas, as required by OSHA 29CFR 1910.146. We are also trained to use respiratory protection required by OSHA 29CFR 1910.134 and will work under supplied fresh air when any atmospheric hazards may exist.

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